Welcome To Mount Rushmore!

I’m Milos the Pirate,  let’s learn about Mount Rushmore! A kind teacher brought us virtual reality goggles

If you didn’t know what virtual reality means it’s like seeing it but it’s fake. Each person had a partner. We got to choose our favorite. Mines were Mount Rushmore it is an interesting place. We had many options I have facts to tell you about Mount Rushmore.

Have you ever seen Mount Rushmore? It looked like it was real! Visiting it was a glorious adventure!

Now with the facts. Did you know that it took fourteen years to build Mount Rushmore? Imagine I’m only 8 years old! It’s crazy. That’s like me doubled, but I would be 16 and not 14.

The presidents on Mt. Rushmore are Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, and finally Thomas Jefferson. Each face is about 60 feet tall. It took 400 people to help with the sculpture. They even activated dynamite to build it. Thanks for reading to my informational text about Mount Rushmore. Happy blogging!

Photo by Milos and Google Earth


 Have you ever been to Mount Rushmore?

What’s your favorite historical place?


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